The achievement of higher performance represents the primary goal of any organization and an essential factor for surviving in a competitive and fast-changing market. In this context, the role of Performance Measurement and Management Systems (PMMSs) is pivotal to constantly drive organizations toward the accomplishment of strategic objectives and continuous improvement. However, the design, implementation, and improvement of PMMSs do not come without complexities. Without a proper framework of strategically coherent and aligned indicators, organizations may pursue unintended objectives, leading to a deviation from their vision. For this reason, developing new models and techniques to deploy strategic goals into operational targets and metrics is fundamental to continuously ensure the proper measurement and management of organizational performance.

New perspectives and opportunities in the field of PMMSs are given by, but not limited to, the latest organizational and technological trends. For instance, the introduction of complexity and instability topics within PMMSs would be beneficial for organizations that are facing intense competition in the varying modern business environment. Besides, measuring the social and environmental sustainability of industrial systems is obtaining a pivotal role among the different manufacturing settings, though it still shows many unresolved and demanding challenges. Furthermore, the latest technologies, digital advanced solutions, and large data availability could represent a breakthrough in the definition and real-time evaluation of performance indicators. Hence, integrating these topics in performance measurement systems models and tools may open new perspectives and unexplored research areas.

COPERMAN focuses on innovative research concerning the measurement and management of organizational performance in a modern business environment. Scientific contributions addressing the PMMSs field with ground-breaking theoretical, experimental, and practical models and techniques in different areas of competence are welcome at this conference.

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